Poems that say what's in your heart.

Poems that say what’s in your heart.

We said a very sad farewell today to a 53 year old lady, a lady who really wasn’t ready to die. She had requested a short, gentle, simple service. She had asked for poems and her two daughters picked them together. The one I liked best is below, because they felt it said what they could not voice themselves.

You Are My Heart And Soul

Thank you…
For standing by us through thick and thin,
For not giving up on us when we didn’t win.
For your patience when we kept pushing you away,
For caring when we said we didn’t need you anyway.

We are grateful knowing we could count on your strength,
Ask for your support, and you’d go to any length.
When we lost our way you helped us back on track,
When in pain your comfort soothed and brought us back.

When we were sad you gave us faith and hope,
When we were confused you taught us how to cope.
When we felt we couldn’t go on you carried us long miles,
When we didn’t believe you restored our smiles.

Mom, Thank you
For your guidance and the faith you’ve shown,
For giving us a safe place where we have grown.
For always showing us how to strive
It’s because of your love that we will survive.

by Elizabeth A. Robinson

They also chose Samuel Barber’s haunting Adagio for Strings