I believe in love.

I believe in love.

I have no fixed idea about what happens after death. I slightly envy those who do have that deeply held conviction because it must help them to live life meaningfully, comforted by that definite outcome. However, love is all for me.

During my nursing years I engaged with many people during the last stages of their lives; some of the elderly especially; those who have come to terms with the inevitability of their imminent death. The one thing the majority of these accepting souls have in common is not necessarily a belief in God. Rather it is the belief that they will see the love of their life again; they believe in love and look forward to being reunited. Some have actually yearned for this reunion.

What I see often now is that when death comes, family are genuinely comforted by the belief that a happy reunion has taken place. It doesn’t have to be a partner; it may be a friend, a parent or a child but someone sorely missed comes to carry you over. No God, no angels, no pearly gates just the people we love. On the eve of Valentine’s Day, this remains my overriding hope. Grief is love and love is all.

We’ve shared our lives by T.C. Ring


We’ve shared our lives these many years,

You’ve held my hand; you’ve held my heart.

So many blessings, so few tears,

Yet for a moment we must part.

The memories you’ve given me,

Are times I’ve shared with my best friend.

I’ll hold them, love, right here they’ll be,

Until we share our lives again.