Feedback from Stephen Sutton's mum Jane.

Feedback from Stephen Sutton’s mum Jane.

“Alison what a wonderful job you did in taking Stephen’s service. It was beautiful, moving and most importantly very personal. I needed to get it right and with your caring, thoughtful approach it was just perfect cialis generika preis. When we met we spoke about Stephen, his family and friends and you listened and so accurately summed up all that Stephen embodied. This combined with the songs chosen by Stephen’s friends, the poems I had picked and the readings from family and friends resulted in a service where people did shed tears but also smiled. It was bright, it was celebratory which is precisely what Stephen would have wanted, he wanted the emphasis to be on the “fun” in funeral. The service was always going to be the hardest time in my life and probably the same for everyone else who attended but with your help ,warmth and friendliness it is a day that I can look back on and smile and know that between us we got it just right. I can’t thank you enough. Love and best wishes,
Jane xx”