Saying goodbye to an old school friend...

Saying goodbye to an old school friend…

This morning we have said goodbye in droves to a lady who was such a “giving” member of our local community in Stafford. Born here, educated here and worked here as a nurse at the hospital for 23 years, she gave and gave and gave to the people and animals in her life. We were in the same year at school, we both became nurses in our 20’s and both shared a love of animals, so I was doubly honoured to officiate for her as she walked on ahead. Today we grieved her decision to leave, free of judgement, with love and respect for her in our hearts, she will always remain part of this community and it’s history.

She has gone free of the earth.
The sun of her last day
has set clear in the sweetness of her liberty.
The earth recovers from her dying,
The hallow of her life remaining
in all that her death leaves.
Radiances know her. Grown lighter
than breath, she is set free
in our remembering. Grown brighter
than vision, she goes dark
into the life of the hill
that holds her peace.
She is hidden among all that is,
And cannot be lost.

(adapted from Three Elegiac Poems by Wendell Berry)