Sunshine and laughter at an April wedding...

Sunshine and laughter at an April wedding…

Mel and Mat’s wedding was outdoors in April! When I first met them I did wonder what on earth had possessed them to plonk their special day right in the middle of the rainy season!

However, on this one day in April the sun shone so hot and so bright it was as if someone above had made a day especially for them, and my wellies stayed in the car! Weather wise the day before and the day after were terrible, so someone must have been looking out for them! Whichever way you look at it, it was such a good omen.

It was a Peak Tipi wedding and a half, it was a beautifully crafted and the attention to detail was absolutely everywhere. However the best thing about it for me, was that everyone had brought along their sense of fun and their sense of humour.

I think that the photographer Ellie Last from Ellie Grace Photography in Sheffield has really captured some of the happiest moments from the ceremony. I know that tears come as standard with most wedding ceremonies, but for me when I see them mingled with true laughter in ceremony photo’s, I feel as if I have done my job.

Thank you to Mat and Mel for sharing these with me, the one I like the best is where Mat is laughing at one of my jokes!