People who lived for music

People who lived for music

Music has been a very important theme in quite a few of my services lately, and not just the entrance and exit music or something appropriate to reflect on, but it’s the fact that music played such a big part in a life that is so fascinating.

A young chap whose home was wall to wall CDs, an older lady who had radios all over her house so that she could sing along and have a dance in every room as she did her housework, a middle aged man who just loved the lyrics of beautiful songs, music had been the backdrop to these lives.

When choosing songs for ceremonies it’s so much simpler if someone has a liking for one or two artists, the choices are often really narrowed down to a couple of favourites. But when a person has lived for music, how can their family chose only three or four pieces to represent a lifetime of appreciation.

Not all gatherings seem totally comfortable sitting and listening to music during a funeral service, it is not for every family and sometimes I have sensed that there is discomfort in the air. But if a piece really meant something to the deceased, if it conjures up an era, a place, a specific occasion, if as sometimes happens people sing along quietly, it can be truly magical and I can then sense the gathering don’t want it to end.

Today there was one of those moments; people smiled through their tears, the family sang and swayed along and there was four minutes of real joy just for the memories this song evoked;