People who lived for music

People who lived for music

Music has been a very important theme in quite a few of my services lately, and not just the entrance and exit music or something appropriate to reflect on, but it’s the fact that music played such a big part in a life that is so fascinating. A young chap whose home was wall to Read More

The Gentlest of Gardeners…

Last week we said farewell to an elderly gentleman who’d achieved a great deal in his life in terms of his career but who’d always been happiest at home, working away at his easel, or pottering around out in his garden. He had taken very little from this world and he’d left behind lots of Read More

Simple Life

Not everyone has lived a really exciting life, not everyone has had a dynamic job or even traveled extensively, some people are just not interested in all those things. I have done several funeral services lately where I have spoken about individuals who have preferred the ‘simple life’ and sometimes their families are a little Read More

Sunshine and laughter at an April wedding…

Mel and Mat’s wedding was outdoors in April! When I first met them I did wonder what on earth had possessed them to plonk their special day right in the middle of the rainy season! However, on this one day in April the sun shone so hot and so bright it was as if someone Read More

Leaving the image of a smile…

When individuals die they leave all sorts of memories in the world and those memories become a little part of everyone who has ever come into contact with them. But to me there can’t be anything better than leaving the image of a smile. Yesterday we said goodbye to one such lady; someone who had Read More

A courageous phone call

About three months ago a really gently spoken lady rang me up and asked me if I would meet up with her because she wanted to organise her own funeral. You will appreciate that I don’t get many phone calls like that! Its such a courageous thing to do, to face death so candidly. This Read More

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