A beautiful pagan ceremony

A beautiful pagan ceremony

In the middle of October, on the eve of a full moon, I officiated at a most beautiful pagan ceremony for my lovely friends and neighbours Tor and Nigel. The ceremony we planned was woven around a traditional hand-fasting, using a cord of their significant chosen colours which they made and blessed at Glastonbury Tor. Read More

The most beautiful Summer wedding at Dunwood Hall

Tab and Matt had their beautiful wedding ceremony at Dunwood Hall near Leek, and oh how we fretted about the weather because it was all going to be outside! In the end we needn’t have worried at all because the sun shone so bright and so warm, family gathered from all corners of the world, Read More

A staged wedding for a photoshoot, but I still got emotional!

In May this year I went up to Heath House in Derbyshire to be part of a wedding photoshoot for the wonderful Peak Tipis from Ashbourne. It was lovely to be involved in this and even though it was a staged wedding, I still felt a little lump in my throat when the couple (who Read More

Trying to understand why he chose to go…

Today our Stafford community said farewell to yet another good friend. Depression alters a persons perception of their usefulness in the world, and Dave had lost sight of just how valuable he was to everyone who loved him, he therefore decided that it was his time to leave. We will never know what his final Read More

Saying goodbye to an old school friend…

This morning we have said goodbye in droves to a lady who was such a “giving” member of our local community in Stafford. Born here, educated here and worked here as a nurse at the hospital for 23 years, she gave and gave and gave to the people and animals in her life. We were Read More

For those who have served their country…

This piece of music is very popular at funerals of those who have been in the military and it’s one classical piece that I never tire of hearing. We played it today at the end of the service for a retired police officer, who had worked in some very demanding situations throughout his career. It Read More

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