Simple Life

Simple Life

Not everyone has lived a really exciting life, not everyone has had a dynamic job or even traveled extensively, some people are just not interested in all those things. I have done several funeral services lately where I have spoken about individuals who have preferred the ‘simple life’ and sometimes their families are a little Read More

Leaving the image of a smile…

When individuals die they leave all sorts of memories in the world and those memories become a little part of everyone who has ever come into contact with them. But to me there can’t be anything better than leaving the image of a smile. Yesterday we said goodbye to one such lady; someone who had Read More

Trying to understand why he chose to go…

Today our Stafford community said farewell to yet another good friend. Depression alters a persons perception of their usefulness in the world, and Dave had lost sight of just how valuable he was to everyone who loved him, he therefore decided that it was his time to leave. We will never know what his final Read More

For those who have served their country…

This piece of music is very popular at funerals of those who have been in the military and it’s one classical piece that I never tire of hearing. We played it today at the end of the service for a retired police officer, who had worked in some very demanding situations throughout his career. It Read More

An eccentric man who was so loved by all

Today we said farewell to a real family man and someone who was described to me as quite eccentric in his ways. After learning all about him, I did feel so glad that I was the person chosen to lead his funeral service. He was a really clever individual who could have used his quite Read More


Dan Harris died 18 months after he was first diagnosed with cancer; he was 30 years old, a law graduate, a guitarist and someone who was very socially aware, he was actually an amazing human being who was always an advocate for the vulnerable. Dan’s mum said to me that her son was ‘like a Read More

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