Dan Harris died 18 months after he was first diagnosed with cancer; he was 30 years old, a law graduate, a guitarist and someone who was very socially aware, he was actually an amazing human being who was always an advocate for the vulnerable. Dan’s mum said to me that her son was ‘like a Read More

Life does not cease to be funny…….

Today we said farewell to someone who ‘broke the mould’ as the saying goes. He was a man with a kind heart who absolutely loved to make others laugh and who never took his own adversity too seriously. He had a real struggle with his weight in later life, mostly because he liked to mix Read More

Saying goodbye to a lifetime Stoke City Football fan

A sad day today as we said farewell to a young man who was without a doubt one of the most loyal Stoke City football supporters ever! It was quite something to look out from the lectern over a sea of red and white and even his friends who support other teams had worn the Read More

When I get where I’m going….

A dear old friend of mine introduced me to this song when we played it at her mums funeral service. You know me I love a bit of country music and this is gorgeous. Her mum had lived with Dementia and it’s nice to think that she has finally spread her wings and flown off Read More

Just to have you back again…

Today we said farewell to a lovely laid back “gentle giant” of a man who only ever wanted to be with his family. His wife of 42 years chose this song for him and the words really do speak for themselves. Good luck lovely people.

One of life’s true truckers.

On Friday we said farewell to one of life’s HGV truckers and one of life’s true characters. “No-one could drive a truck like him” and he had been driving to the continent since he was twenty one years old. Described as a “rough diamond” and a “loveable rogue” he loved his family and they certainly Read More

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