The Gentlest of Gardeners...

The Gentlest of Gardeners…

Last week we said farewell to an elderly gentleman who’d achieved a great deal in his life in terms of his career but who’d always been happiest at home, working away at his easel, or pottering around out in his garden. He had taken very little from this world and he’d left behind lots of Read More

Saying goodbye to an old school friend…

This morning we have said goodbye in droves to a lady who was such a “giving” member of our local community in Stafford. Born here, educated here and worked here as a nurse at the hospital for 23 years, she gave and gave and gave to the people and animals in her life. We were Read More


Dan Harris died 18 months after he was first diagnosed with cancer; he was 30 years old, a law graduate, a guitarist and someone who was very socially aware, he was actually an amazing human being who was always an advocate for the vulnerable. Dan’s mum said to me that her son was ‘like a Read More

Laughter in dying

Often I go and visit a family to prepare for a funeral with them and they apologize to me for laughing. They seem to think that the laughter is disrespectful, that it undermines their grief in some way and that I might judge them for it. On the contrary, I feel it is a very Read More

I believe in love.

I have no fixed idea about what happens after death. I slightly envy those who do have that deeply held conviction because it must help them to live life meaningfully, comforted by that definite outcome. However, love is all for me. During my nursing years I engaged with many people during the last stages of Read More

Poems that say what’s in your heart.

We said a very sad farewell today to a 53 year old lady, a lady who really wasn’t ready to die. She had requested a short, gentle, simple service. She had asked for poems and her two daughters picked them together. The one I liked best is below, because they felt it said what they Read More

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