New Life
New Life

New Life, Naming Ceremonies

The celebration of a new life in the world doesn’t have to be religious. You may not belong to a specific church or have a particular faith, but still want a ‘Naming’ ceremony for your child. You may want to blend your own spiritual and cultural beliefs to express how you feel about your gift and your hopes for their future.

I can help you to put together a ceremony with whatever mixture of poetry, prayers and music you wish, and a personal welcoming speech that will mark the beginning of this unique journey for you and your child.

Your ceremony can take place wherever you choose. You can devise something meaningful for your friends and family to participate in. Imagine, for example, a symbolic tree planting with all the guests hanging a message of hope for the future onto the tree.

To find out more about how I can help and to discuss your individual ideas, please contact me

New Life
“Go and be happy, you are born into the dazzling light of day. Go and be wise, you are born into a world that needs new eyes”
Siegfried Sassoon